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Aralon Forge and Flame MOD APK+DATA 2.4

Aralon Forge and Flame 3d RPG APK is an Open world offline Action RPG game from Crescent Moon Games. A very dark tale about the world where our hero lives.you take a rout to hunt down the enemies and secure the world. Its a sequel to the Aralon Sword and shadow.

Aralon Shadow and the sword were released back in 2010 and now new chapter arrived.Predecessor in 2010 is set in a simple distorting shadow while improving upon in almost every aspect against outsourcing character witnesses his father’s murder by some bandits devastated destroyed the home while pursuing father’s killers the Pawtucket stumbles across the nation privacy and it doesn’t an adventure to save the world taking advantage of the new available guarantees presented much better graphics than before more detailed 3d environments and high quality textures it’s not a listing standards Infinity blade mobile game is doing rather good drug the world’s very immersive and spans many different terrains from large medieval cities to haunted swamps and even anything tonight cycle will be seeing some other patients when the first game 

Features :-
-no Root
-100% working mod.
-working in All devices.
-anti-ban enabled.

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