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Darkness Rises MOD (Dark Avenger 3 English) 1.5.0

First Hack and slash RPG on Android was Dark Avenger from Gamevil. Played it on old ARMv6 devices long ago. now we have got its 3rd Installment Called Dark Avenger 3 but in here its westernfied and it is now called darkness rises. Developed on unity engine this game will purely satisfy your graphical or gameplay hunger. After almost 1 year and 3 months this game is now available in English Language. Amazing hack and slash gameplay combined with console quality graphics will put an end to your search for a EPIC RPG Game. Darkness Rises MOD 

There are four classes to choose from. First class is obviously a warrior class. A knight who performs dynamic and dazzling attacks with a longsword. Wields a variety of skills to be a balanced,versatile fighter. you can also preview its gear to know how it would look in full gear sets. Another class is Wizard. A powerful mage who uses an enchanted staff to cast spells,commands the elements,excelling at ranged combat. 3rd class is called berserker A battle crazed berserker who pummels opponents with his axe. Few enemies can stand up to furious assault. and the last class is called Assassin. An agile assassin that wields dual swords with masterful precision. Cuts down enemies with a whirlwind of blows.

Features :-
-no Root
-100% working mod.
-working in All devices.
-anti-ban enabled.

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