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New Star Manager MOD APK Unlimited Money

After a huge success of New Star soccer developers Five Aces Publishing Ltd brings another sports game called New Star Manager MOD APK. The all new soccer management game which is a combination of star soccer and Top Eleven Football manager. New Star Manager is a freemium title. Recently released and you can do all sort of things like purchasing players,selling them or creating your own dream team. since you 

In New Star Manager MODDED APK you are playing Just like New Star Soccer game before it. you will have to bring your club from bottom to top. The very big difference here is that you are now a manager, rather than a player. In New Star Soccer you were a player but now you are a soccer manager. In NSM MOD APK you will be leading to an amazing gameplay and twists level of depth. in NSM you will be handling entire management from transforming stadium to health of your players. their fitness and all. this will be like playing a city building game with soccer manager.

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