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Survival Heroes MOD APK RPG Battle Royale

So we finally have a battle Royale game that sets itself apart from all the other battle royale games. but there’s a catch let’s talk about this all right so this is survival heroes MOD APK. I know it’s kind of a generic off-brand name but it’s made by snail games and these are the people that made a dark and light which is kind of like ark survival evolved. This is a battle royale RPG Game just like PUBG or FORTNITE but in MOBA RPG Style. Its being called MOBA RPG BATTLE ROYALE but its not a MOBA Game. Survival Heroes 

described as a MOBA / battle royale but to be completely fair this isn’t really a MOBA as much as it is an asymmetrical RPG. the only thing MOBA about it really is the fact that it’s in an asymmetrical RPG style so I really wouldn’t say this is a MOBA. this is an RPG or MMO slash Battle Royale. The game is pretty resource intensive it’s not very well optimized. it’s still very early on it’s still in beta if you have less than 3 gigs ramming your phone and if you don’t have a decent processor running this game is gonna be kind of a chore.

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