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Escape from Chernobyl APK+DATA Android Free Download

Escape from Chernobyl is a latest horror installment from Atypical Games. Developers behind radiation island and radiation city comes with another big AAA title this time its a horror game. Atypical are known for their Paid and premium amazing games. That offers premium contents and offline play without IAPs. 

Since its a horror dark themed game you will have to play it with your headphones to enjoy its rich sounds. Graphics are top notch just like its Radiation Island and Radiation city games. Rich in contents and featuring amazing first person gameplay. There so many different objectives like clearing puzzles,fighting horroric creatures and solving mysteries of Chernobyl. Jump into the murkiness and the perils of the Chernobyl control plant in this continuation of the Radiation City experience. Unwind the puzzle left unsolved. find the end result for Lauren and the account of the bad dream at its source.

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