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Frontline commando 2 is the latest shooter to emerge from developer glues premium blaster factory but even though it takes the same structure as many of the company’s other titles it does try to stand apart from its stablemates admittedly frontline commando two’s standard near future battlefield don’t help it stand out from the crowd however the visual clarity of the settings does the locations and soldiers may look familiar every 

environment enemy and boss looks crisp and clear on your touchscreen if you recognize the settings menu probably be equated with the gameplay to you have to swipe your finger around the screen to aimed at enemy troops from a static firing position the result is a gallery shooter with the added flexibility over cover system you can pop in and out of hiding to take shots and dash between a few fixed points have cover small addition to the formula but it gives you some tactical leeway firing from different positions let’s see more easily target certain opponents and can help you avoid incoming fire something which is vital in later levels 

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