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In Fear I Trust APK+DATA Android

Mystery solving adventure arrived on Android. Thriller story and exciting puzzles. Discover secrets while you complete the game.too frustrating waking on a rickety bed in a Russian prison asylum the hero of this tale has no memory of the events that led him here the door to his cell is locked but everything he needs to escape is dotted around the room freeing himself he begins the search for a way out of the deserted building employing typical first-person controls in fear I trust has he using virtual control sticks to guide the action 

you can interact with items and puzzles with a tap while other commands handled with the selection of pinches and swipes among these additional abilities is the all-important retrospective vision activated by pinching the screen at this period mode allows you to pay.into the institutions sinister past often this will reveal people and events along with demented graffiti. all of which offer clues to the institution secrets and your connection retrospective vision also highlights points with interaction, and reveals information to solve the game’s many puzzles. In Fear I Trust APK Android Adreno,Powervr,Mali and Tegra devices with chapters unlocked. 

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