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Kill Me Again Infectors MOD APK

We have seen so many zombies survival games on Android and IOS but didnt get any MATCH 3 Zombie survival yet. Kill me again infectors is one of those games. Simple match and attack gameplay match 3 colors to attack enemies. match more to damage more. this survival is a different kind. craft weapons and solve free puzzles. game is packed with solid graphics and addictive sotryline. Match 3 puzzle has been peoples favorite game since candy crush saga then there goes so many this kinda games but this game will give you goosebumps. Collect epic weapons and upgrade them, 

Kill Me again infectors MOD APK Unlimited money coins. you are playing as a girl protagonist that wears sexy short cloths yes and carrying lethal weapons.There’s no humanity left in these decaying zombies. Gun them down. how long will you survive? this will depend on your grinding times that needed in the game.

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