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Radiation Island APK Android MOD Download 1.2.4

Radiation Island APK is a survival open world Android game from Atypical Games. Arrived on IOS long ago now this masterpiece finally available on Android as a premium title. Amazing looking crispy graphics and so many contents to explore in vast huge open world. Get your free 

Radiation island is a new game on Android that puts you on an island that has been destroyed by some sort of nuclear accident and you must fight for your survival. this is one of the largest open world games I’ve ever seen on Android and the graphics are absolutely amazing. the game starts you off on the beach you don’t really know what you’re doing. there are animals already on the prowl

trade each you into pretty crazy when I say the island is huge the island is absolutely massive and there are wild animals that every corner ready to kill a little bit like Minecraft you start carving your existence on the island by building weapons and crafting other objects and helping yourself survived.

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