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SoulBlade APK Thirteen Souls Android Download

Become champion in martial arts in hand to hand fighting combats in Thirteen Souls APK or Soulblade APK MOD, A portable Action RPG from Richard Kai. fixated on close battles. Pick between thirteen characters with various capacities and weapons, for example, the Jade Rabbit, a young lady technician with her own one of a kind firearms on wheels, or as one of the two Hound siblings who take no harm when evading. Affix assaults to draw of intense combos, and move around the rival by bouncing, avoiding, and blocking. Collect Rage all through a battle and trigger the Rage ability of a character to hand out extreme harm. Play on an assortment of stages, from a bamboo forest to a solidified mountain clearing. Go up against others in PvP and conquer testing challenges in the PvE battle.

Soulblade or Thirteen Souls were released on ios a year ago. Now finally it has come to Android. A Paid game worth checking out if you like to experience something extra ordinary. Amazing fighting action game in full 3D scenarios including different fighters and their skills. SoulBlade APK or Thirteen Souls APK is just as good as your favorite fighting games on android. Its just not that popular right now but SoulBlade MOD APK is a solid action game. Combination of amazing controls and graphics and some special effects makes it an unforgettable action game on Android. Thirteen Souls APK is now Available on Android to download.

Features :-
-no Root
-100% working mod.
-working in All devices.
-anti-ban enabled.

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