Animus Harbinger APK MOD Full Version Unlocked Dark Souls Android

IThe idea of a Dark Souls mobile game isn’t entirely unappealing. One might think Dark Souls’ stark, gothic landscapes and horrific character design would translate well to any genre. Could you imagine a turn-based strategy game in the style of Lara Croft or Hitman GO? An Infinity Blade-like slash-em-up perhaps? Dark Souls’ incredibly deep lore is now well fitted in Animus Harbinger APK MOD Full Version. This action game is from TENBIRDS and its their sequel to animus game. it’s called Animus Harbinger MOD APK Full Version Purchased.

The free version of Animus Harbinger APK has only free demo level available if you download from the play store. but by downloading Animus Harbinger APK MOD you will have fully unlocked version with all levels available to play for free. Enter Slashy Souls. Make no mistake, this is an adver-game, nothing more. In fact, there seems to be very little, other than some basic sprite-based art and audio assets from the first Dark Souls and its unwavering difficulty, tying this game to the series.

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