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Hundred Soul APK MOD Best Hack n Slash Action RPG

Hundred Soul APK MOD is an online hack and slash fully action RPG from HOUND 13. You will have your party with you while defeating enemies and boss. You will be fighting with huge bosses in fully 3D animated action battles where you can see high resolution graphics and 60 FPS smooth buttery gameplay. Hundred Soul APK MOD is released in SEA Countries and worldwide release not yet announces. still you can download and play Hundred Soul MOD APK from DR RANN MODS and play.

Its an online RPG game with intriguing story telling and amazing gameplay. Combat system is kinda stiff but overall its a fun and challenging. You can use different skills to deal massive damage to enemies or you can simply grab them and throw them away. Most of the time you will feel like playing action RPG game on PC or i must say devil may cry on android. Its a Party kinda game where you will be fighting along with other 3 heroes. so you can simply select Tank,Healer and DPS character to fight with you. Hundred Soul APK MOD is simply an amazing RPG Game but since its a freemium game you will have few keys to play until it runs out. wait for sometime or get rewards as keys to play more levels.

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