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My Hospital MOD APK Infinite Money 1.1.79 Coins/Gems

My Hospital is a simulation Android game from cherrypick games. we have seen so many simulation games about gaming,farming even business tycoon games as well. its an online game and you can not play it offline. all these games are similar to kairo games. My Hospital MOD APK is about running your own hospital in town and making it more comfortable for your customers and patients. during the game player will be able to pay attention to how things works in real hospitals and how things sorts out. Its must more like hospital simulation game because of its features are much more interacted with hospital things.

Small backstory is there about getting a gift from grandpa.you are graduated and just got a letter about your gift from your grandpa. he just gave you a small hospital to run and manage with his manager.now all you have to do is start the hospital and make it famous.since you have a mod apk of my hospital you can easily get your hospital running.

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