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Heroes of Warland MOD APK PvP Shooter Arena

Heroes of Warland MOD APK is an action FPS PVP Shooter from Nitro Games Oyj. Heroes of Warland MODDED APK is the most colorful and competitive Multiplayer Online PvP Hero based first person shooter game. It’s a 4vs4 PVP Multiplayer battle esports game where its mainly based on PVP Actions and nothing more. Select different heroes like Assault,Shotgunner,sniper or heavy-gunner and kill enemies.

Based on FPS Gameplay this game will remind you of Guns of boom. Gameplay is little bit slow but its quite good and works really well. There are varieties of different and unique Heroes available to play with. Each Hero is equipped with unique weapons and abilities. Use different weapons and abilities to master your killing skills. Server compatibility and gameplay optimizing is great making this game real competitive PVP shooter.

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