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MAD ZOMBIES MOD APK Offline Unlimited Money

MAD ZOMBIES MOD APK is simply a deer hunter game with zombies. MAD ZOMBIES is from Dead Target creators VNG GAME STUDIOS. Their Dead Target were widely popular among the offline Zombie killers. Now they have come up with another First person offline zombie shooter game and this time its MAD ZOMBIES. your only goal is to kill zombies at any cost using your own 

Its a freemium action FPS game so it has all free features like stamina system,grinding for money and ads. Its a common game like any other zombie killing game but here your player character will not move,you will have to shoot from the distance. But the game runs super smooth and weapons and firing animations looks neat and clean. MAD ZOMBIES is about killing zombies so you have got tons of weapons and their upgrades. you will need different currencies to upgrade your weapons. so you will need Mad Zombies mod apk for Unlimited money in order to unlock higher level guns or upgrade them.

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