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Candleman APK Android Free Download

Platformer, Candleman APK is a charming adventure five hour long 3d platformer where you play as a candle. you see lighthouse in the distance and this is what you want to become. this is probably one of the most charming and warm feeling platformers I’ve played since LIMBO. it’s 46 levels of pure platforming and what I mean by pure is what you would expect from a Mario game is what you get here. Candleman is a paid game here you can get MOD APK Candleman A Complete Journey APK free from DR RANN MODS

There are no new mechanics you’re just introducing new obstacles and learning how they react to you. this games gimmick is that you’re a candle but the catch is every level is dark and you’re given ten lives to beat each level. however to make it a little more challenging than just having to not die from platforming you only have ten seconds worth of light per life so you’ll be flickering your flame on and off to get the lay of the land and go forward. lighting other candles along the way to light up areas in case you do die these candles will stay lit which stops the scape from ever feeling fresh trading.

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