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Layton Curious Village in HD APK PAID Full Premium Game

Award winner of Best Handheld Game of 2008 Layton Curious Village APK is now finally arrived on Android. A brain bending puzzle adventure game from Nintendo called Professor Layton Curious Village in HD APK MOD. This is really just a smart dude with a passion for puzzles and that passion has brought him to a strangely European town. where he’s put to the task of solving a mysterious death through the power of mind-bending puzzles. Layton Curious Village APK MOD is now finally arrived. It’s a PAID Premium Version of Layton Curious Village.

I absolutely love the art style and presentation in this game the introduction is is all full motion video of excellent french-influenced animation and the voice acting is pulled off extremely well. Layton and the Curious Village is pretty much just a whole lot of brain teasers strung together by a quaint little murder mystery in a point-and-click interface kind of like a PC game. almost every conversation with the townsfolk in this game results in a puzzle that you have to solve. The remastered HD version looks great on latest android devices.

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