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Oddmar APK MOD Full Version Unlocked

Oddmar APK MOD Full Version is an incredibly fun action platformer from mobge Ltd. If you are a true mobile game you will not want to miss this game at all. Its a solid action platformer that looks and works great. The freemium version is available with 1 free world but downloading Oddmar MOD APK will give you fully unlocked game with all world unlocked and ready to play.

In Oddmar the Game You will be controlling the viking hero, a childish little brute who is squeezed into obligation when his whole town vanishes. He’s conceded a supernatural power by woodland animals that enables him to bounce around by tossing down mushrooms, yet in return, he needs to likewise spare the extraordinary backwoods from underhandedness animals. Every one of these destinations lead into inevitable objective: stop each shrewdness in your way, and end up qualified to enter Valhalla.

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