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The Birdcage MOD APK Full Version VIP Unlocked

The Birdcage MOD APK is simply another The Room Puzzle game. In here you have to free the bird but before freeing the bird you will have to unlock the cage using different puzzles. If you have played The Room Series games then you will know how this game mechanics works. The Birdcage Full APK MOD is from MobiGrow, Released on IOS Months ago Its now finally arrived on Android. Its a freemium game with 2 of the Level Packs are free and other 2 are Premium and have to pay to unlock. But using The Bird Cage MOD APK you will have VIP Unlocked with All Levels playable for free.

Birdcages Levels are divided in different levels. there are 4 chapters each with different 10 Levels. If you are clever enough you will finish this entire game in 30 to 45 minutes. The puzzles are mixes of different small puzzle games which are available in the play store. Graphics are top notch and each object in the game is packed with high resolution images that even on 2k display phones in looked great. Just like the Room games The Birdcage MODDED APK Full Version has amazing graphical details and great scenarios.

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