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The Pirate Caribbean Hunt MOD APK 8.9

The Pirate Caribbean Hunt MOD APK is an offline Action game based on Pirate wars. You take control of the ships and battle other AI ships to get loots and find treasures. you can use those goods to upgrade your ships. its an offline game with MOD APK latest version 8.5 you get Unlimited Money and coins to spend. New update 8.3 arrived with Multiplayer and PVP fixes.

P.S:-How to get Unlimited Gold Coins in The Pirate of the Caribbean Hunt Android cheats?
Ans:-Simply Uninstall your Play store version of the game and use our MODIFIED APK of The Pirate Caribbean Hunt and once installation is done you can play your game with lots of gold and money.

This Pirate game is developed on Unity Engine from the developers HOT NET GAMES.They are new in game development but with this pirates game they did unexpected.so many contents to follow.you can become a real Pirates. as you have seen in the Pirates of the Caribbean Movies. Its a perfect example of how small offline games can take out the huge games and huge developers easily. Gameplay is smart and easy.camera angle will give you lots of goosebumps of having great graphics. water effects are just marvelous. if you use our 

20 Different Classes of ships
Infinite fleet sizes upgrade them easily
Different Ship controls
New player vs player battles
Real Different Ammo Types
Weather system
Different Camera Angles
player skills
and our MOD with Unlimited Coins

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