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Beat Cop APK MOD Full Version Unlocked

You probably remember watching one of the billion cop shows that aired during the 80s and 90s. The developers of Beat Cop clearly remember this as well as they draw a lot of the game’s atmosphere and tropes from those same television shows. In Beat Cop APK MOD Full Version, you play as Jack Kelly a homicide detective that has recently been demoted to a regular old beat cop. Beat Cop is a indie pc game which is now available on Google Play store. You can download Beat Cop MOD APK for Unlocked Full Version from here.

During his last homicide case,some diamonds disappeared – as well as something he has no knowledge of at all and ran afoul of a very powerful politician. Clearly something major is going on behind the scenes and you’ve been made into the fall guy. Despite being relegated to handing out tickets on a city block in Brooklyn, New York you’re determined to figure out what the hek happened and get your old job back.

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