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Kingdom Rush Vengeance APK MOD Paid Heroes Unlocked

If you’re a fan of tower defense games Kingdom rush vengeance will definitely be right up your alley in a non-sexual way. Kingdom Rush Vengeance APK MOD is the latest in the kingdom rush franchises just hit the Apple App Store and the Google Play store and it’s a solid evolution of an already excellent bit of core gameplay. Kingdom Rush Vengeance APK MOD is a Premium game but downloading KR Vengeance MOD APK will give you all paid heroes unlocked MOD with Unlimited Money,Gems and Coins.

This time ill not be reviewing the game but ill give you few tips and tricks about winning in Kingdom Rush Vengeance MOD APK with your Paid heroes unlocked. When you’re building your defenses I definitely recommend starting at the back and rather than building lords of crappy level 1 and level 2 towers. try construction just a handful of towers and then upgrade in them as soon as you got enough cash in the bank. The Gameplay is same as its predecessor. Build Towers and stop enemies at any cost.

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