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The Tiger MOD APK Unlimited Money Open World RPG

Swift Apps LTD Games are about Exploring the wild jungle as a powerful animals! we have seen their various other Online Open World RPG Games like The Wolf and The Cheetah. Now we have The Tiger MOD APK Simulator. It’s a visually stunning RPG offering rich features like develop your character and upgrade your skills.What your goal is become a most powerful tiger.Beautiful World designs and amazing different animals to hunt in single player MODE. The Tiger MOD APK with unlimited money takes you deep in the ANIMAL RPG World.

If you have played any of these animal open world RPG games before then you will know how its Gameplay works.Your Animal starts with Level One and you will have to hunt other animals in order to get Experience. Health and Experience bar is showing on Top left corner. Once your XP bar is filled you will be leveled up. Leveling up is so much fun when you go on Co-Op Hunt. You will be joining with other online players to hunt together. So your enemies fight will be divided with your friends.Which means easy to kill harder enemies and earn extra XP Points.

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