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Thumper Pocket Edition APK MOD Android

Developed and released by Drool LLC as one of PSVR’s launch titles, Thumper APK MOD is a self-described rhythm violence game of breakneck speed. Thumper Pocket Edition APK is finally Available now on Android. The object of the game is to jump, turn, and hit all the notes while trying to make it to the end of the level, where you’ll battle a boss face. If you screw up too much you’ll be sent back to the beginning of the wave.

There’s anywhere between 15 and 30 waves per levels in Thumper Pocket Edition APK, with a total of 9 levels. Which means some these journeys can last up 30 minutes. The controls are simple. There are some death spikes that can be avoided by holding x and up, and ring of deaths that are introduced on 5-1, which forces you not to miss notes. This round might be too tough for some folks. It is extremely fast, immersive, and at times frightening, not just because of the scary heads, but the incredible velocity that the visuals and sounds smack your senses with.

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