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Zone Z MOD APK Android Best Survival Game

Zone Z MOD APK is a survival based multiplayer online role playing game from KingsGroup Holdings. After the earth breaking apocalypse and plagues wars the earth we know is now ruled by zombies. You have one way to survive in this harsh world by killing them and surviving on your own. Gather materials and resources which can be useful for crafting different items and get ready to attack zombies. If you have played Last Day On earth then you will have no problem playing this game.

Since its an online multiplayer game you can go to global map and meet new peoples. Once you enter the global map locations you will see so many different players. You can make friends or hunt them down for resources. There is a squad mode in the game which lets you create a team of 4 players so that you can survive all together. A massively multiplayer features are so useful here since it allows you to grow in squad mode. You can help your fellow survivors in your journey to reach goals. Zone Z MOD APK features only fast attack mode and not Free Craft and magic splits options like LDOE MOD.

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