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Battlefield 4 Mobile APK Millet Shootout The Last Survivor

We all have played Battlefield Games on PC right? well getting Battlefield 3 Free was the first thing which everyone liked the most. getting thousands of Fans attracting to Battlefield community. Now Battlefield Experience has come to Mobile on our Android phone. Millet ShootOut or i would say Battlefield 4 Mobile is now available on Android. Currently its not available In English Language but you can easily play it.

Large Scale Open World Conquest Mode is what everyone used to in Battlefield Series. The entire Mode is taken from the Battlefield Games and put in to Millet Shootout. Now Millet Shootout is the game that came out months ago as a battle royale game. Then they have introduced Team Death Match Modes and now finally they have come up with the Conquest Mode with possibly all the features of Battlefield Multiplayer Games like Open World Map,Tank Mayhem,Team Battles and of course Sniping Fun.

What’s New: v
The new version is coming, helicopters, new arms are coming around!
New content:
New vehicle [helicopter]
New arms [medical soldiers, support soldiers]
New limited time play [tank express]
Increase tactical instructions in the front line of the battlefield
Add weekly card and monthly card function
Increase sniper gun long press fire mode
Increase the game progress prompt broadcast
Added personal points display on the front line of the battlefield
Practical training airdrops joined the sniper rifle: Barrett
Increase the hint beyond the battlefield range
Optimization and adjustment:
Battlefield frontline mode is fully upgraded and optimized
Battlefield mode adjusted to 24v24
Battlefield Medal Optimization
Occupation point progress bar optimizationOptimize vehicle blood volume display
Optimize RPG firing logic
Damaged tank collision removal
Adjusting the machine’s machine gun scattering
Bombing area removal in front of the battlefield
Closed window in the battlefield front line removed
Increase the classification of arms
Tank is prompted by the direction of the attack
Idle vehicle tag optimization
Activity interface display optimizationGame hall main interface adjustment
Requires Android: 6.0 and Up

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