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Human Fall Flat APK MOD Android Download 1.0

We’ve all had those dreams before. You know the ones, where you find yourself trapped – lost and alone in some strange place. Or plummeting into the abyss, never quite sure when you’re gonna hit rock bottom. Well indie developers No Brakes Games are here to help cushion that fall a little in its new game – Human Fall Flat 2019 APK MOD Android. A third person puzzler, that blends the escape room mental conundrums of Portal with the haphazard physics of Gang Beasts.

A low-poly dreamlike world. But even though this colorful physics playground maybe a safe place to explore your anxieties it’s not without its own dangers. And, as such, we faorego hurling our own easily bruised human forms into this adventure and instead take on the mantle of Bob that ever so squishy and adorable hero of the game. This diminutive marshmallow man may not be much to look at but his gelatinous body can take pretty much any punishment you can throw at it and it turns out not having a skeleton can be a distinct advantage at times, as you don’t have any bones to break.

Requires Android: 7.0 and Up
Version: 1.0

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