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The Elder Scrolls Blades APK MOD Android Download

The Elder Scrolls Blades APK MOD is at its heart is a pure Elder Scrolls game. A massive first-person RPG with console quality graphics, but with a uniquely mobile experience. Believe me when I say you have Elder Scrolls Blades MOD APK running on an Android, this gigantic screen does not do it justice. Elders Scrolls Blades APK MOD is now out on both IOS and Android but its still in Early Stage. So if you are selected for a beta phase then you will be able to play it from your Android device. 
Announced back in E3 now we are finally getting Elder Scrolls on our Android phones. The gameplay of Elders Scrolls Blades APK MOD is a First person action RPG. Where You can tap to move, or use dual sticks Combat is all new and it follows your specific movements and timings. Hankering back to the first Elder Scrolls Arena, this game features both hand crafted and procedural generated dungeons. And it’s not just melee, you have a range of abilities and spells you can use.

Requires Android: 5.1 and Up

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