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Amazon Prime Video MOD APK Download February 2020 [Latest Version]

Amazon Prime Video MOD APK Download February 2020 [Latest Version]

just thought that there would be many people who are unable to use the paid product of many internets because of money, because everyone wants everything for free, if you are one of them then this site is for you It is absolutely perfect because here we give everything for free and today we are going to share the Prime Video Mod apk with you all here..

If you were looking for this video mod apk, then you have come to the right place, here you will get the direct download link of this app, from which you can download this app in one click.
Recently we have also shared Netflix mod apk And Latest Spotify Premium APK so that you can enjoy Netflix Premium Free forever. With the help of Amazon Prime Video Mod APK, you can see every content of it for free, we have given the download link of this app,

Download Amazon Prime Video

Click on download and download :- 

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Amazon Prime Video MOD APK Download :- In today’s time, I know that people want to take the paid thing for free. Amazon prime video mod apk are coming up for them. People who are unable to run the Internet because of economic hardship. if you are looking for prime video mod apk . So you’ll find the right place where you’ll get to download the link for free and enjoy by downloading for free from Prime Video Mod apk. Netflix works as soon as APK Mod and Spotify Premium APK. You can also enjoy it. In this app you can see every content for free. Download this app for free. If you want to download this link. So below is the download button. If you have to download or have any other problems, you can share any problem in the comments box below it.

It is also considered to be the largest e-commerce website in the world. Whose name is Amazon shopping. This is the first website that has become famous all over the world today. This website has the highest shopping. So every year, you launch a new product and launch a website. As the Amazon Prime Video app has been launched today. Which is also one’s website, which you can watch and download by streaming TV shows and movies. This is a premium service, but we’ll show you how to download this Amazon Prime Video Mod APK. So that all the premium options will unlock. Which you will be able to easily get the premium service.

What is Amazon Prime Video Mod APK
Amazon Prime Video is your one amazon.in premium service. Its users first have to take a subscription to Amazon Prime Video. Then after taking the subscription you will be able to enjoy Amazon Prime Video and it is also a matter of fact that if you take a subscription to Amazon Premium Video, you will not have to pay a shopping charge or any delivery charge and you will be able to get offers for a very free.

Amazon Prime Video offers an on-demand video streaming service like Netflix, which you can watch movie shows and movies and more on-demand your Android or any device. This prime video is a huge part of Amazon. In which you are going to get millions of movies and songs and TV shows.

On September 9, 2008, Amazon first launched it in the US when it came to the establishment of Amazon Prime Video. But now talk about it and all the country has been launched all over the country today. It has become very popular today.

Netflix Premium Mod APK Download
Netflix Premium Mod APK

If you don’t know the name of Amazon Prime Video first, I’m going to tell. As the first launch was, its name was Amazon instant video on demand. But a few days later, it changed its name to Prime Video. Like if you subscribed to Netflix Premium, it’s based on that. You will also be able to subscribe to Netflix as the Amazon Prime Video, only then you will be able to watch it from videos and films, TV serials.

If you want to get it amazon prime video for a month for free, you can get a premium service for free for up to a month through your credit and debit card. All you have to do is sign up in Prime Video and get it for 1 month free through your credit and debit card.

If you would like to buy it from the official Prime Video website, the smallest plan will be ₹ 129 for 1 month and the second plan will be ₹ 299, which will be valid for 1 year. But we will tell you how to get this service for free. All you have to do is download Amazon Prime Video Mod APK. You will be able to get it all service free by installing it in and in your Android device.

Netflix Premium Mod APK Download for Android
Amazon Prime Video Mod APK is a mod version of an Android application that is prime video’s official app, some of their developers convert mods and unlock as many premium service as they have. We are going to give you the bottom in this post, which is found for free. You will be able to easily download amazon prime video mod.

Prime Video Mod APK Features
In today’s time, if anyone downloads an application, first of all, you must get information about the application, what has it given from the future? So don’t panic you. We are also sharing to you in this post about all the features of this Amazon Prime Video mod apk. That will tell you in great detail. What are the features in it? So just follow the steps below.

Unlimited Movies / Movies Show

When you visit its Prime Video official site, you get unlimited streaming, so you’ll find unlimited TVs, shows, series and movies in Prime Video Mod APK. You can also watch or download them online. You don’t need to have any subscriptions. Because the subscription has been unlocked in this mod version of ours.

No ads

When you watch any movies or series, a lot of ads keep coming to you again and again, but this won’t show you ads anywhere in the Prime Video mod apk. Because the advertisement has been discontinued. Now you can watch any film without worry, which will not bother you advertising.

Watch 4K Videos

Everyone enjoys a lot of their range on their device at resolution from 2k to 4K. Because everyone likes to see a neat clear print. So you will use this mod version. So you’ll be able to watch any movie or whole range in 2k to 4K quality. But it will depend on the speed of your WiFi. As the speed of your data will be. The video will play clean in the same way.

If you download Prime Video Mod APK and install it on your Android device. Then you can enjoy of any film or web series all over the world. Because you can also see the film of a comedy and other category. Has given a lot. So you can also see without internet. But you have to download it or you can see it online.


Prime Video Mod APK gives you a lot of features. Like if you want to watch any movie or TV show without internet. Which you love, you can turn on your Internet and just download that movie or TV show. When downloaded, you can see it without internet. Please look at videos or TV shows at any time without internet.


As you may know, Amazon Prime has become a competitor of Netflix. So obviously, the features in Netflix should also feature in your Prime video. Just these have been kept in different names. As you had the facility to share accounts to other people inside the Netflix account. Similarly, you can also share your account in Prime Video. Which can use four people to have an account.

Parental Controls

If you apply this parental control, you can lock the screen of your premium video. Because those who have a small child open their accounts will not be able to access your screen. Unless your partill control is inserted cod. It is a very big security security.

Auto Play

This prime video has the best features, such as when watching any video or TV show in Prime Video and a call or message on your device, then it stops. Then the video or TV show will be automatically turned on when you finish your work. As the video becomes last while watching any film. Then the automatic will be turned on.

Amazon Prime Video Mod Download (Latest Version)
I hope you’ve read all the prime video mod features easily and now you’ll be very fond of it and you’ll also want to download it. So you don’t have to go anywhere to download, we’re giving you the download button below, click the Download button and download the Director Prime Video Mod APK and follow the steps below to install.

Prime Video Mod APK Download

Version Latest
File size 17.5 MB
App by Primemod
Last updated January 07, 2020
Download APK (7.9 MB)

How to install Prime Video Mod APK
I hope you have downloaded this Prime Video mod apk from the download button mentioned above. If you haven’t downloaded for any reason, follow our stated steps below to download the Prime Video mod apk and we’re going to tell you below, how to install prime video mod apk on android device. You will be told in a very simple way. Which can be followed and installed on your device. Follow the steps described below.

First you have to download prime video mod APK, which is the download button above you click on it.
Now your file has been downloaded, now you have to click on that file. Then click on the install button, you must first give permission. Go to which setting and click on the unknown source.

Now, you have taken permission. Now you have to click on the install button, then wait a little time. As soon as installed, you have to click Open.

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