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What is ngrok?

ngrok exposes local servers behind NATs and firewalls to the public internet over secure tunnels.

How it works

You download and run a program on your machine and provide it the port of a network service, usually a web server.
It connects to the ngrok cloud service which accepts traffic on a public address and relays that traffic through to the ngrok process running on your machine and then on to the local address you specified.

What it's good for

  • Demoing web sites without deploying
  • Building webhook consumers on your dev machine
  • Testing mobile apps connected to your locally running backend
  • Stable addresses for your connected devices that are deployed in the field
  • Running personal cloud services from your home

A few great features

Secure Tunnels

Instantly create a public HTTPS URL for a web site running locally on your development machine.
ngrok http 80


ngrok tunnels run using an optimized version of the technology that powers HTTP/2 so that your tunneled services load fast.

Password Protected

Set http auth credentials to protect access to your tunnel and those you share it with.
ngrok http -auth "user:password" 80

Websocket Support

Share your real-time web apps! ngrok tunnels websocket connections over HTTP tunnels without any changes.
ngrok http 8000

Replay Webhook Requests

Easily develop webhook integrations by simply 'replaying' webhook requests to your dev server.

Automate ngrok via API

Dynamically start, stop and query tunnel status all with a simple RESTful API.

Request Inspection

Use ngrok's web inspection interface to understand the HTTP request and response traffic over your tunnel.

No more port forwarding

Don't configure port forwarding on your router or waste time setting up dynamic DNS solutions. ngrok works everywhere with no changes, even when a device changes networks.

TCP Tunnels

Expose any networked service to the internet, even ones that don't use HTTP like SSH.
ngrok tcp 22

Multiple Simultaneous Tunnels

Run multiple tunnels simultaneously with a single ngrok client.
ngrok start demo-site ssh admin-ui

Target virtual-host sites

Rewrite the Host header of tunneled requests to target a specific site in your WAMP/MAMP/Pow development environment.
ngrok http -host-header=mysite.dev 80

Shared account access for teams

Accounts can share access to reserved domains and addresses allowing multiple developers to collaborate on a project while still having their own credentials

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