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Termux seeker command ! Hack anything ! New method on android ! Rann mods

Concept behind Seeker is simple, just like we host phishing pages to get credentials why not host a fake page that requests your location like many popular location based websites. Read more on thewhiteh4t's Blog .Seeker Hosts a fake website on In Built PHP Server and uses Serveo to generate a link which we will forward to the target, website asks for Location Permission and if the target allows it, we can get :

➡️Real time location hack.
➡️ No location cheat .
➡️ With access granted. 
➡️ Awesome hack .

🥰 Requirements :- 

❤️Android phone.
❤️Termux app .
❤️Command .
❤️ That's it .

Download command :- 

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