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Access any android phone by 1 app for lifetime ! March 2020 !

➡️ By this process you can get access to your victims phone for lifetime.

➡️ Install it to your victim phone and register the account .

➡️ Now copy url and you can access to his whole phone .

➡️ Also you can give the command to his phone .

Android remote control
What's new
New domain address: https://webkeyapp.com
About this app
Screen mirroring and Android control from any web browser

Webkey connects your 📱Android devices and your 💻computer via WiFi or 3G. Once devices are paired you can control and manage them from your browser.

What can I do with with my devices?
With Webkey service, feature availability depends on your access level to the device.
Some of them are readily available with Android, while others require rooting access or a signed Webkey APK.

Android 4.4
• Web Dashboard to monitor devices
• File browser
• Quick open URLs in Android
• GPS-based location tracking
• Linux terminal access
• List installed packages through a Rest API
• Direct access to your device by nickname (https://webkey.cc/yournick)

Android 5.0
All of the above, plus
• Screen mirroring
• Remote screenshot
• Remote screen recording

For rooted devices
All of the above, plus
• Full remote control including touch and key events
• Install/Remove packages

Signed Webkey APK
All of the above, plus
• Pre-installed Webkey client
• Automatic Webkey app install after factory reset
• Headless version
• Configuration via intent (stop/start service, set fleet id, set server address)

How get started?

1, Download and install the Webkey Client app to your Android device
2, Register to Webkey in the app
3, Go to www.webkey.cc in your web browser and login to your newly created account (alternatively, register on the Web)
4, You will find your device appearing on your Webkey Dashboard
5, Now you can start using Webkey to manage and control your device

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