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Friday the 13th Killer Puzzle MOD APK Full Version Unlocked

Friday the 13th Killer Puzzle MOD APK Full Version Unlocked 17.0

I’m not sure if my use of the phrase “new life” is ironic, or delightful. You decide. Gameplay is just like any Puzzle Go games where You slide Jason into the teens to dispatch them. Then the final girl or final boy appears on the x, and if you successfully land in the killzone, you are rewarded with a gruesome kill sequence and more bloodlust. I say gruesome, but due to the cartoon aesthetic, its more comical, although some of the dispatchings are quite brutal and would have a different effect with a more realistic art style.

The blood-lust rewards you with a new weapon once you level up.since you have Friday The 13th Killer Puzzle MOD APK you will have all stages pre-unlocked. You can spend money on loot boxes for new weapons, or trade in 3 of your weapons for a shot at something new. There’s a lot of variety in the weapons and I thought this was a clever way to implement loot boxes in this free to play game. That is until I noticed that the new weapons don’t have an effect on the final kill animation. That’s a shame so I kept defaulting to the tried and true machete.

Each new location introduces new elements such as turn limits and enemies that you can’t approach from the front. If you’re having trouble you can always ask Mom for a hint, and I might have relied on it a bit too much because I knew it was there. The game has a lot of charm. The developers must be big fans of the Friday the 13th series. There’s even a dedicated “chi chi chi, ha ha ha” button
in the menu. Sadly, having played a lot of this type of puzzle game, I began to tired of it near the end of the prison world. If this is your first foray into this type of puzzler though, the charm of Jason’s path of destruction should keep you entertained, especially as there’s no price for entry.

What’s In The MOD APK:-
Unlocked Worlds

Requires Android: 4.4 and Up

Version: 17.0



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