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Serious Sam APK TFE PC Games on Android BY DRRANN

Serious Sam The First Encounter is considered a legendary first person shooter and a great callback to such games as Doom and Quake. Too bad it’s not really a callback seeing as how it was released in 2000 and that was only a few years after Doom and Quake had come out. Also, its gameplay is nothing like Doom and Quake, outside of obviously just shooting enemies.

Now we have quite amazing android high end phones so this time we are going to play PC Games on Android. This time its Serious Sam The First Encounter on Android Devices. A PC Port for Android devices with all of its features and contents.

Play PC Games on Android Serious SAM APK First Encounter

Serious Sam APK TFE Android is a very unique first person shooter, but here’s the thing: Serious Sam has a really high difficulty. When you’re actually fighting an army, you’re legitimately fighting an army. These enemies are tough to kill.

The graphics for Serious Sam are very impressive for the year 2000, and the level design for the game is more impressive still. The enemies for this game are absolutely amazing, and I’m pretty sure any Serious Sam player will fear this enemy named kamikaze. the game is very fond of spawning quite a few of them in small, tight corridors, rather than large, open areas.

Serious Sam is definitely a must play for any serious first person shooter player. Playing Serious Sam APK again on android devices is fun. Enjoy amazing graphics and FULL HD 60 FPS gameplay on Any android phone. You are going to love Serious Sam TFE APK on your android devices.

Requires Android: 2.3 and Up



Download Links:https://www.mediafire.com/file/zprspx8plf4gxac/SERIOUS-SAM-ANDROID-APK+DATA.rar/file

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