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ATOM RPG APK Android DLCs Unlocked by Dr rann

ATOM RPG APK MOD is as the name suggests a role-playing game created by Eastern-European developer, ATOM Team. The easiest way to describe ATOM RPG is Fallout 1 & 2 with 3D models,less outdated mechanics, and a new coat of paint. The new coat of paint being post-apocalyptic Soviet Russia. ATOM RPG is a PC/Console Indie game which is now available on Android Devices. ATOM RPG APK+DATA OBB is Available to download.
In Atom RPG You are in a role of an operative of a secret organization called . ATOM is basically the post-war Illuminati. trying to gain control of now lawless Russia and re-establishing civilization. the main storyline of ATOM RPG is really basic and just a placeholder for the game to function. The charm comes from the rest of the world and the weird inhabitants you meet in it.

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You start the game out by creating a Gopnik or Slavette of your choice. This is important to determine what kind of playstyle you will go with at least from the start. You get to choose from a fair amount of avatars and you get points to allocate to different skills and stats,allowing you to make the person your parents wanted you to be.
A lot of different situations throughout the game require a specific set of skills, which if you do not possess, you will be locked out of.
ATOM RPG is split into three segments: Exploring,combat,and exhausting every dialogue option. The exploration aspect is going from one town with a hard to pronounce name, to the next. while looting anything in between betraying your back for those cold hard rubles. This is the second most time-consuming thing in the game.
Combat is turn-based and at times impossible, if you’re not a pumped-up Soviet hero with a taste for capitalist blood. the game is surprisingly well translated and the humor is dark and twisted for all you deviants out there.
The combat system and the inventory system are exact replicas of the older Fallout games. The game feels a bit weirdly paced as late-game when you finally have all you need, there’s really not much to do by that point. if you enjoy games like Fallout 1 & 2, Wasteland and UnderRail, but want a more casual experience than some of the others. ATOM RPG is a definite tryout.
Requires Android: 4.4 and Up
Version: 1.151.27

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