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Lara Croft Guardian of Light APK 1.2 by Dr rann

Download Lara Croft Guardian of Light APK 1.2

the first major difference you’ll notice first game we see Lara not from a third-person action-adventure perspective but instead from that of a ceiling view arcade shooter. this in turn of course changes the gameplay mechanics drastically even though iris still has her trusty pistols her infinite ammo now allows her to blast away at the undead monsters that make up the dark wizards army by simply pointing in that direction.
with The right joystick it wouldn’t be lara croft though without platforming elements and so there are still plenty of puzzles and obstacles that take advantage of the new viewpoint on gaming’s favorite heroine not to mention some interesting ways to try to use her grappling hook.
The graphics for this game are absolutely some of the best I’ve ever seen in arcade shooter as you can see the Central American jungles stretch out forever in the distance and the cutscenes all look good enough to be a part of your standard Tomb Raider title.
Lara Croft Guardian of Light APK MOD is the co-op multiplayer available both locally and online. A second player can join in the adventure by playing as Totec and provide a completely different experience as there are now new puzzles and obstacles included that required both Lara and Totec working in tandem to complete. Totec has a shield and spear for example that we use to create makeshift platforms and then using Lara’s grappling hook toe touch can cross large chasms.

What’s New: v 1.2
High resolution textures and UI
Co-op Multiplayer

Requires Android: 4.0 and Up
Version: 1.2
Co-Op: Over Wifi or Bluetooth

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