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Last Day On Earth MOD APK 1.17.2 new update 2020

Last day on earth is a free multiplayer zombie survival strategy game where all survivors are driven by one target stay alive and survive as long as you can with the LDOE. shoot Walking Dead zombies there is no place left for friendship love and compassion a deadly plague pandemic has turned the Last Day On Earth MOD APK world into the dead zone. you can trust only this modded apk and yourselves in this post-apocalyptic world infected with The Walking Dead zombies.

Last Day On Earth MOD APK Survival 1.17.2

LDOE Survival MOD survival is exactly what it says it is an open world survival game with unlimited modded coins and money, free crafting and magic split items. it has enemies everywhere you are alone through this open world and everyone wants to kill you for your stuff you must try and survive by crafting better weapons and killing the undead. to level up and be able to learn better skills like any survival game you will need food water and shelter. in the last days on earth you can build a shelter and keep your loot safe.
You can plant farms for food and collect water to stay hydrated. together these resources you will need to leave the safety of your home and venture into the world be careful though the undead and other players are out there and they want you dead. these areas are the main meat of the game here you will fight gather and try not to die to get to this part of the map you can expel energy to get you there faster you start with 100 energy at the beginning of the day. this surely regenerates over time but in MOD APK of Last Day On earth MOD APK you will have lots of energy.
What’s New: v 1.17.2
– Hunting season for zombies is open!
– Field Camp and contracts for zombie hunters.
– Catching and studying zombies.
– Weather conditions at Season 10 locations.
– Event locations Ruined laboratory and Scientists’ van.
– New bikes, underwear, and backpacks.
– The season pass system updated.

What’s In The MODDED APK Of Last Day on Earth Survival:-
Free Craft and Build Materials
Unlimited Craft Points
Max Durability
Magic Split (duplicate items, even without quantity)
Increase Hunger Supply

Requires Android: 4.1 and Up
Version: 1.17.2

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