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My Cafe Recipes & Stories MOD APK 2020.8.2 Unlimited Money by Dr rann

My Cafe Recipes & Stories is a casual restaurant based Android game from Melsoft Games. In this simulation Restaurant game you have to feed your customers with different cuisines and different recipes that’s why this game is named as Cafe Recipes and Stories. It’s not just the cafe or restaurant but this game has little taste of RPG games where customers comes and they not only fill their hunger but also talk about their stories and ask you to choose what is best for them. small talks between you and your customers and you can create so many stories with it.

My Cafe Recipes & Stories MOD APK Unlimited Money 2020.8.2

Game feels so good with its original and unique concept with rewarding stories and quests. There are joyful graphics for the ultimate restaurant cooking game. It is in your hand to increase or decrease prices of your dishes this will directly affect your income. Price changes colors if you increase them from green to red like if prices are in green it means customers will love it and more likely to come again. and if its in red then customers will shout about the prices and you will see only few customers.
It is great to see such a nice and cute restaurant where AI controlled waiters work in your cafe.Decorate your cafe and expand your restaurant to its max abilities.Unlock new recipes and you will have a lot to do when you level up. Easy MOD APK for Unlimited Money will give you instant boost in unlocking new items and recipes and upgrade further.
What’s New: v 2020.8.2
In this update:
For players level 8+:
• Help Max trudge through virtual jungles and get cool new decorations and gifts!
• Coconut Season! Earn trophies in festivals, and the Coconut Tree will bring you more diamonds
Remember! Only trophies you earn yourself count
For level 41 players:
• “Nanny-Technology” and “A Dress or Your Life?” stories to reach level 42
Devices with new recipes:
• Lemonade on level 26
• Cherry on level 27
• Punch on level 28
• Orange on level 29
• Smoothie on level 43

What’s In The MOD APK:-
Unlimited Money(Free Store) Everything Is Free

Requires Android: 4.0 and Up
Version: 2020.8.2

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