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TauCeti Unknown Origin APK Full Game Download BY DRRANN

Developers of Dead Effect 2 has bring something unique and amazing on our android devices. Its a revolutionary game where you will be able to Feel and Play AAA quality game. TauCeti Unknown Origin APK Full is the real deal you will get on your android devices. Its still a Benchmark Demo but full game will be out on android in few months. Its just a benchmark with almost 30 minutes of gameplay to showcase what our android devices can handle.

TauCeti Unknown Origin APK Full Game Download

BadFly Interactive the studio behind Dead Effect series has released a playable demo for TauCeti Unknown Origin fps game. The game takes place in the same universe as Dead Effect 2. Game starts from your pod landing on an unknown island called tauceti and there your survival begins.
You will be surprised to see what this game holds. An amazing graphical game where you can feel AAA quality FPS Games with amazing gameplay. You will have different weapons and lots of enemies to kill and hunt. Game plays in FPS and works offline as well but its short.
If you want to play some quality game and want to test out your smartphones strength then this game is here for you. Play this tech demo and enjoy console quality graphics and gameplay where you can fight with real A.I Enemies with unpredictable behavior and boss battles as well. Try this amazing game TauCeti Unknown Origin APK Full and when its Final Version is out we will update it here so make bookmark of this page as well.
Requires Android: 5.0 and Up
Version: 1.0

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