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Genshin impact an open-world action role-playing game developed by miHoYo Limited the creators of the hit mobile game Honkai impact 3d. Its a cross-platform RPG game which can be played on PS4,PC,Ios and Android devices. Its a massive Zelda breathe of the wild like game on Android Devices.
Genshin Impact is an RPG game, not MMORPG and every player has its own world so you will not meet other players when you are at a town or at the field you can meet other players when you form a party. you can play with your friends in a party called co-op mode this is the basic of Genshin Impact APK MOD.

Genshin Impact APK Download Breathe of the Wild on Android

Your Journey starts when you lost your sibling. You are an unknown traveler and some god has abducted your kin.  You will be able to select any of the character from siblings and when you select one the other one will be taken by the gods. Along your way you will meet so many new characters and you can control all of them as well.  Each character has different gameplay weapons and skills.
When you choose the female protagonist the male character gets imprisoned by gods. in typical RPG fashion your objective is to rescue your brother or sister and then get sidetracked by so many things.
The game Genshin Impact Android Download APK features an open world map like Breathe of the wild where you can jump,climb and even glide same as Zelda Games. When you complete story further you will have more characters to choose from and those characters can be freely equipped in a set of four in the gameplay.
You will be able to unlock a total of 30 playable characters each character has two unique combat skills. A normal Skills and a Special Attack skills. The special skill attack costs mana and mana regenerates automatically. There are food and cooking features which can be used to buff your character stats.
Is this a Legend of zelda breath of the world clone this question is the biggest elephant in the room. It really feels like breath of the world. its such a beautiful game with amazing story and graphical improvements. Its a next Gen RPG on Android.
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