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What Is Car Insurance ?

Car Insurance is a vehicle insurance policy to defend your self from economic losses arising from unforeseen risks together with accidents, thefts or 1/3 birthday celebration liabilities. It is also called car or motor coverage. There are two forms of motor automobile insurance in India, 1/3 party coverage which protects you from the claim bobbing up out of the accidents concerning 0.33 parties, and other is comprehensive cover which offers 1/3 birthday celebration cover in addition to Own Damage (OD) cover. OD cover protects you from economic losses towards unintentional damages for your vehicle.
As in keeping with the Motor Vehicles Act, 1988, motor third party insurance is mandatory in India. You can avail 4 wheeler coverage to reap cover for you (insured celebration), your car (insured vehicle) and 1/3 parties (other motors and their property). You can renew or purchase vehicle coverage for both new in addition to pre-owned cars. The validity of a vehicle coverage coverage for old vehicles is for a period of one year, whereas for a new vehicle the proprietor has to mandatory purchase 3 years compulsory TP with an option of 1 year OD or a three 12 months OD

Why do I need a Car Insurance policy?

You’re the proud owner of your car; hence it is your responsibility to protect it from potential damages that may arise due to accident, or theft. In India, it is mandatory to have Third-party Insurance to drive on roads; otherwise, it is considered a legal offence. One more reason you need car insurance policy is for the safety of others, they could be fellow drivers, pedestrians, or your passengers.

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